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Early Expressions in Madipakkam programs are designed to stimulate the thinking process and development of skills in the young children according to the different age groups. The age groups are designed in such a way that the admission process in the primary section would be as per the age specified. This fine tuning is basically to instil the child to grasp the knowledge required as per the research on psychology and explore them using multiple skills.

We encourage our children to explore their environment and express themselves using various media of expression which includes speaking, singing, dancing, drawing, writing, music and skits etc.


New method of practical learning for the child.
Role-playing strategy for developing new perspectives on culture and lifestyles.
The child’s interests and needs are observed and taken care by collaborating all the teachers.
Teacher observes, analyzes and provides materials and activities appropriate for the child’s sensitive periods of learning.
Teacher acts as guides and facilitators to help the child, trace and revisit their words and actions.
Our task includes puzzle games, art projects, toys that test spatial relations and more.
Activities are play based which are intended to develop student’s motor skills, sensory skills, cognitive skills and intelligence.
Play is moved steadily into the intellectual world, through arts and science before settling into language skills.
Cosmic vision and holistic education leads to be in harmony with nature and humanity.
Playing is channelled into positive learning experiences to enhance the child’s ability to develop team Spirit, positive self image, social & cognitive skills, cope with success and disappointment, courteous regard for people’s feelings etc.