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After School Activities

After School Activities

Early Expressions after school programs offer a variety of activities that complement learning in Schools. With fun activities such as book club, gardening, science experiments and storytelling sessions, children find their school lessons come alive through our after school curriculum.

Ratios: 1:8 teacher – child ratio

Staff: Graduates and post graduates with a strong background training in ECE, along with a certification in emergency medical aid. Among our teaching staff, we also have dancers, musicians and other talented artists who ensure that afters choolers are rounded in the arts.

Our teaching staff are given training round the year to ensure that they are a step ahead in caring for children.

Day Care

Our day care program combines our preschool and after school programs for every child, along with the routine-based feed and nap time schedules integrated in the day. What follows is a vibrant, fun filled day for the child, with enough rest to charge them up. No wonder some of them want to come to Early Expressions even on weekends!

Western / Zumba Dance Classes

Does your child love to move when you play music? Play music and they will dance around the room. Observe them closely and you will notice that they repeat the same movements over and over. They not only have a limited early speaking vocabulary, they have a limited early movement vocabulary. The best Creative Dance activities engage your child's imagination. Expanding their movement vocabulary in our creative dance classes is so beneficial. We make learning fun and that is why this is a perfect preschool activity for your child.

Music and Movement

When you think of children taking part in music and movement, some may think of children running around singing at the top of their lungs or banging nosily on an instrument. Many don’t realize that just like math, science, reading or writing, music and movement plays an important role in a child’s development and has many benefits.

Funway 2 Fitness

We encourage and help mothers to use their valuable time on personal interests and hobbies while their children are at school. Yoga, painting, reading clubs, parenting workshops, are all supported forming a friendly bond within the interest groups.